Student response:

Spontaneity is the first course in our workshop program and is for anyone who wants to learn how to improvise, including people who want to do impro for fun, to better their professional skills, or to eventually pursue performance. 

Spontaneity covers the basics of impro and introduces you to our style and approach to improvisation. You'll unleash your creativity by playing fun impro games. The games focus on acceptence, collaboration, support, and silencing negative thoughts. You'll have an enjoyable evening of laughing a lot while meeting new people and learning really useful skills. 

Benefits of learning spontaneous improvisation

  • Increase Confidence
  • Put the Brakes on Perfectionism
  • Improve Listening & Observation Skills
  • Enhance Creative-Thinking & Brainstorming Abilities
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Learn to adapt to change
  • Overcome fear of failure & being judged
  • Fun

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Impro Melbourne workshops are for ages 18 and over.
Under 18 years of age? Please see our Theatresports Schools Challenge and Impro in Schools programs.