Commedia Dell'Arte

Dive in and explore the cartoon-like world of mask theatre. La Commedia Dell'Arte is where theatre meets impro and they elope to the circus on a runaway train.

La Commedia Dell'Arte (Italian 15th century masked comedy) was the Big Bang that gave us the last 500 years of theatre and the grandparent of physical theatre. There are older forms, but few which are richer in character definition, narrative and potential. Grotesque yet charming characters who reflect all the triumphs and flaws of humanity, without the “Benny Hill” aspect.

Discover the freedom of masks, the joy of slapstick and the vibrant world of archetypal characters and rich story-weaving without the unhelpful gender stereotypes and sexist jokes, as traditional masks, characters and style are super-charged with contemporary impro skills and awareness.  Christof's take on La Commedia Dell Arte is huge fun, personally rewarding, challenging and eye-opening.

Students will learn:

  • physical characterisation
  • Traditional Commedia characters names, masks, movements
  • how to work with traditional Commedia masks both leather and latex
  • environmental performance and use of space
  • creating stories through relationships and archetypal characters
  • how to use their own body more freely
  • connection and interplay with audience

Prerequisites: either of the following

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  This class is very physical and fitness helps, but there is no requirement to be super fit. Work within your potential and your limits.

Questions? Contact our workshop co-ordinator Katherine.

Age requirement: 18 and over. Please see our Impro in Schools programs for anyone under 18.

Workshop Details