Course Information

Our improvisation workshop program teaches a complete understanding of the essential principles and techniques of theatre-based improvisation as practised at Impro Melbourne.

Our foundation series courses focus on fundamental areas of improvisation with each subsequent course strengthening and building on the skills previously learned. All students begin with Spontaneity, which requires no previous experience. Once a student has completed the Foundation series they can move on to the Intermediate and Advanced courses which focus on performance styles and skills.

Foundation Series
Spontaneity learn the basics and principals of spontaneous improvisation.
Narrative Technique learn how to creating stories spontaneously without planning ahead.
Character learn how to make interesting and powerful character choices.
Scene Work learn how to develop more complex and satisfying scenes. 

Intermediate and Advanced
Formats and Styles learn long form, short form or genre formats with a performance.
Performance learn how to perform with multiple shows and personalised feedback. 

We also offer courses in Acting Skills  Weekend Intensives and Special Guest Instructors

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Impro brings more laughter and play into your life while increasing your social circles.
It is an excellent skill for performance, writing, building confidence, and expanding your creativity.

We value diversity and extend a warm welcome to people of different ethnicities, religions, sexualities, genders, abilities, ages, and backgrounds. If you are unsure if improvisation is for you, please have a conversation with us so we can create a safe space for you to try. 

Got questions about classes? Give us a call at (+61) 03 9416 2555‬, or drop us an email.