What students say:

Performance courses are devised to develop your performance skills through on-stage performing  experience and personalised feedback about your work. This six-week course will stregthen your performance skills and awareness of your work with through actual performance time. Each performance is followed by constructive, specific, personalised feedback 'notes' from your teacher. It’s a perfect combination of experience, observation, information, reflection and revision, which are all essential stages in your development as an improvisor.

Attendance at the rehearsal nights are manditory.

This class features a strong feedback component.

Prerequisite: Impro Melbourne’s Spontaneity, Narrative Technique, Character and Scene Work courses, plus two Formats & Styles courses or similar training at the discretion of the Artistic Director or course instructor.


Impro Melbourne workshops are for ages 18 and over. For anyone under 18 years of age please see our Theatresports Schools Challenge and Impro in Schools programs.