Make your stories POP with interesting and powerful character choices.

A complicated person tackling an interesting decision is the emotional fuel for the engine of a story. We grow to love or hate them as they navigate the world around them

In the Character course you will learn how to improvise a character through:

  • physicality
  • movement
  • voice
  • emotional choices
  • attitude
  • status
  • wants
  • relationship
  • history

And of course how these things change over time. And how to use one as a starting point for the others. Oh, and how we choose them for ourselves or gift them to others. There's just so much to get into!

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Prerequisites:  Spontaneity and Narrative Technique courses.

Impro Melbourne workshops are for ages 18 and over. Under 18 years of age? Please see our Theatresports™ Schools Challenge and Impro in Schools programs.

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