Impro in Schools

Impro Melbourne are experts when it comes to providing world class instruction in the art of improvisation and that expertise is nowhere more apparent than in their long established schools program.

Whether it’s an improvised show, a workshop or a combination of both, there’s a hugely enjoyable and entertaining time in store for students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Younger children are given a gentle introduction to the creative storytelling process with The Fairytale Cookbook while older students love trying out their impro skills in a Drama Impro workshop or an Improvaganza! session.

VCE Unlocked is an invaluable tool for committed drama students and the Theatresports™ Schools Challenge where schools from across Melbourne compete for the title of Victoria Schools Theatresports™ Champion is an increasingly popular annual event. 

Self-confidence, communicating clearly with others and the ability to listen are valuable life skills. Impro Melbourne’s work has a proven track record of helping students to establish and build those skills and an improvisation workshop is the perfect way to help pupils grasp the concepts of collaboration and trust.

The company’s programs are developed to support and complement the school curriculum and provide a valuable teaching tool both inside and outside the drama studio.  Excellence is paramount. So is fun and the Impro Melbourne team know how to make the learning experience a blast.  

Impro Melbourne is licensed with the ITI (International Theatresports Institute) to perform and teach Theatresports™. We are the only company in Victoria licensed to do so.

Our Schools program is offered through Regional Arts Victoria's Arts and Education program.

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