Impro Workshops

Ignite your creativity!

Impro Melbourne is an internationally recognised theatre company specialising in improvisation. We are the longest running and most respected impro training centre in Melbourne working specifically on Keith Johnstone’s theatre-based style of improvisation.

Our teachers are friendly, experienced and passionate improvisation performers who create a positive and safe environment, which is flexible and responsive to student needs. Our courses encourage playful risk-taking, laughter and discovery through subjects that target specific skill areas in improvisation such as spontaneity, collaboration, support and storytelling.

Impro Melbourne is renouned both locally and abroad for its ethics, excellence and skill; our members are in demand as teachers and performers around the globe. Look at our teacher bios to see the vast amount of professional experience we have to offer.

Hundreds of people have discovered impro as a fun hobby, a unique art form and a powerful tool in their personal and professional lives thanks to Impro Melbourne. Regardless of your experience or background, you can benefit from studying impro.

What students say:

Your First Workshop

  • Spontaneity

    Brenna Dixon

    Tuesdays 7–9pm
    8 classes from 6 Feb.

  • Spontaneity

    Amy Moule

    Wednesdays 7–10pm
    5 classes from 21 Feb.

Next Steps

  • The Chicago Way

    Booked out!

    Jonathan Pitts

    Saturday 1pm–5pm
    1 class on 27 Jan.

  • Narrative Technique

    Katherine Weaver

    Tuesdays 7–9pm
    9 classes from 30 Jan.

  • Character

    Rik Brown

    Wednesdays 7–9pm
    9 classes from 31 Jan.

  • Commedia Part 1


    Thursdays 7–10pm
    4 classes from 1 Feb.

  • Commedia Part 2


    Thursdays 7–10pm
    5 classes from 1 Mar.

  • Nautical Adventures

    Booked out!

    Patti Stiles

    Saturday 11am–5pm
    Sunday 11am–5pm
    2 classes from 3 Feb.

  • Straight Man/Crazy Man

    Booked out!

    Will Hines

    Wednesday 7–9pm
    1 class on 17 Jan.

  • Sketch Writing

    Booked out!

    Beth Appel

    Thursday 7–9pm
    1 class on 18 Jan.

2017 Term 4

  • Scene Work

    Katherine Weaver

    Wednesdays 7–9pm
    9 classes from 11 Oct.