Benefits of impro in life

There are so many reasons to take an improvisation class, even if you never set foot on stage. Here are just a few.


Why Improv Comedy Will Give You the Best Mindset for Life

"The improvisation mindset will strip away it all and teach you to embrace the life’s truths, absurdities, and realities. The lessons are simple — so utterly simple, that they’re deceptive and the most difficult to achieve. It teaches us to unlearn all we’ve learned and adopt a new mind/shift."


Improv Changed My Life: 10 Ways It Will Make YOU Awesome
Personal Blog James Berges

1. There are no failures, only revelations             6. Commitment
2. Action mindset: less talking more doing          7. The truth is more interesting than fiction
3. Face your fears                                                     8. Improved communication for improved relationships
4. Yes, and…                                                              9. Great mental workout
5. Patience                                                               10. It’s a blast!

Four Reasons To Take An Improv Class

1. Improv drags you out of that asynchronous, virtual-reality world, and drops you into that wondrous world of high-energy, immediate, person-to-person interaction.

2. Improv teaches us to soften our focus and heighten our awareness, so that we can respond well to surprises.

3. Improv teaches us to listen more patiently and to respond more slowly than we may be accustomed. That allows us to be present to colleagues and friends in ways that we may never before have been. 

4. An improv class is one of the few places in life where you have permission to genuinely “fail” without fear. By definition, you’re experimenting and trying things on without judgment. For those of us uptight people who feel the need to say or do the perfect thing, we too often freeze up in the clutch and say or do nothing. That’s not exactly peak performance. Working at building up our improv muscles is a powerful counterforce that can help in every kind of professional situation.


'Improv saved my life': the comedy classes helping people with anxiety

“I started doing it because I found improvisation really helped me,” [Pippa Evans] says. At work, she moved from being “an absolute control freak” to embracing her colleagues’ suggestions. It also helped her let go of the need to have a five-year life plan: “Improvisation allowed me to be open to a life where I don’t know what’s at the end of the tunnel and therefore appreciate what’s happening in the moment.”