Impro for Business

Improvisation isn't just good for the stage, it can be great for the office too! Here's some of the reasons you might want to bring some impro to your next meeting.


How an improv class can help develop essential business skills
Financial Magazine

"Business schools such as Ashridge Executive Education and Cass Business School in the UK, and Duke University and Stanford University in the US, are including impro on their curriculum to help future leaders cope with a rapidly changing environment."

"Improv can be about finding ways to convey your story to nonfinance colleagues in a way that makes sense to them... When you have better soft skills, you can tell your story more effectively, and you'll get more respect for your technical skills." — Neil Mullarkey

Some of the skills an impro workshop can help hone include:

  • Listening
  • Body Language
  • Communicating Insight Effectively
  • Brainstorming
  • Team Building


5 Reasons Why Studying Impro Will Make You Brilliant at Business
Start up Institute

  • Making decisions with conviction
  • Loosening up and shaking it out
  • Laughing at yourself
  • Collaborating and reading the cues
  • Shifting your perspective


Why Improv Training Is Great Business Training

“When you’re the person saying yes to other people, they start to bring you their best ideas,” he says. “When you’re meeting things habitually with ‘yes, and,’ with an energy of agreement, you transform the way people perceive you.”

"They must be present in the moment, listening carefully, and contributing freely. These skills turn out to be particularly useful in workplaces that rely on adaptability."

“What you need to do in improv is listen closely to every word a scene partner is saying,” she says. “Everything’s moving so fast, you may have missed the most interesting thing. The audience may have heard it, and if you missed it you haven’t really driven the scene forward, you don’t know what to react to.” The boon comes in client meetings. “When you’re in a meeting with a client, you need to not only hear but deeply listen to everything.”


Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke

"Improvisation isn't about comedy, it's about reacting -- being focused and present in the moment at a very high level," Kulhan told CNN.

As well as teaching people to react and adapt, he said improvisation can teach creativity, innovation, communication, teamwork and leadership.


3 Ways Improv Training Can Boost Business Sales

  • Build Authentic Interactions
  • Be Flexible and Adapt on Your Feet
  • Building the Story Together


Three Ways You Can Hone Your Leadership Skills With Impro

  • Find Comfort In Uncomfortable Situations
  • Learn To Communicate And Listen
  • Start To Take Initiative