Cinemaprov Sat

with Tim Redmond


We use movies in impro a lot. We tinker with tropes, role-play familiar scenarios, grab some genre, and even sometimes use cinematic language in our play.
 "Cut to..." 
But, what if we go deeper?
Much deeper. 
"Cinemaprov," is an intensive term exploring the full craft and opportunities that cinema offers us. We'll delve into camera POV, the edit, manipulation of audience focus, use of score, light & movement  and explore ways to apply it to our stagecraft.  We'll play with all the tricks of shape, sound, and shadow that film-makers exploit so well. 
Can we re-create the feel of a Leone close-up?
A Kurosawa vista?
Yes we can.
Yes we will.
It will be physical.
It will be intensely collaborative.
8 workshops finishing with a performance on Friday 20th September

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Prerequisites: Completion of our core courses (SpontaneityNarrative TechniqueCharacter, Scene Work, ), or equivalent improvisation and acting experience as determined by the Artistic Director.

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Workshop Details

Dates & Times

July 27 – September 14, 2024
Saturdays 10.00am – 12.00pm
Course of 8 classes


$320.00 full
$299.00 concession

Prices in AUD, GST included

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Impro Melbourne Main Theatre
21-23 Stanley St, West Melbourne

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Tim has been with Impro Melbourne since 2004. He teaches impro to discover something of meaning and delight and his classes focus on connected scene-work and the endless stories that can bubble from the simplest moment.

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