Monster of the Week

with Katherine Weaver

Do you love the Supernatural? Do Vampires, witches, the undead and evil entice you? If so, this is for you!

In Monster of the Week, students will play with the supernatural and explore playing characters like vampires, demons, and fairies. They’ll learn how to make these characters believable, and strive for authentic scenes in this genre. They will also increase their myths and legends knowledge through discussion and research - Candy Man or Bloody mary anyone? 

Students will examine the basic structure of a Monster of the Week TV show, learning how to play support in the story, and endow the other characters. During the workshop, Katherine will lead students through different exercises, scenes, and character creation to get supernatural storytelling into their blood. At the end of the term, there will be a performance. 

Performance Friday 28th June

Prerequisites: Impro Melbourne’s completion of our core courses (SpontaneityNarrative TechniqueCharacter Scene Work), or equivalent impro experience as determined by the Artistic Director. 

Please note the teacher can not actually make you supernatural and will not be biting any student. 

“Katherine quickly establishes an environment of trust which opens the doors to creative expression. Whether you're passionate about monsters, improvising, or just challenging yourself to disregard that inner critic in your head and act on impulse, Katherine will support and engage you in this workshop.” —Isabella Valette



Questions? Contact our workshop co-ordinator Katherine.

Age requirement: 18 and over. Please see our Impro in Schools programs for anyone under 18.

Workshop Details

Dates & Times

April 30 – June 18, 2024
Tuesdays 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Course of 8 classes


$329.00 full
$299.00 concession

Prices in AUD, GST included

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Impro Melbourne Main Theatre
21-23 Stanley St, West Melbourne

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Katherine Weaver is an improvisor, actor, teacher and Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne. She has performed and directed for many seasons with Impro Melbourne in such shows as Theatresports™, Gorilla Theatre™ and Maestro™. Her love of performing is only matched by her love of teaching, which she has been honoured to do in Wurzburg Germany, Wellington New Zealand, Adelaide Australia and Canberra.

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