with Amy Moule

Have you ever wondered what is behind a locked door?

What secrets are held or what sorts of people are there behind the door?

In this workshop of the format Unlocked, performers will use a unique key as stimulus to create the door and the world in which the key opens up on. We may be taken back in time or plummeted into the future. Performers will unleash their imaginations to unlock the possibilities beyond.

Participants will use real keys to inspire imaginary doors. Each door will be verbally painted and this description will be the platform for which other players begin a scene/story. 

We will be working on skills in naturalistic and non naturalist performance, short to longer scenes, exploring time and geographical locations, working in a small ensemble and the importance and awareness of shape of show and economy of words.

Unlock the door.

Unlock the world beyond.

Unlock yourself.

Prerequisites: Impro Melbourne's SpontaneityNarrative TechniqueCharacter and Scene Work courses, or similar training at the discretion of the Artistic Director or course instructor.

Questions? Contact our workshop co-ordinator Katherine.

Age requirement: 18 and over. Please see our Impro in Schools programs for anyone under 18.

Workshop Details

Dates & Times

July 26 – September 13, 2019
Fridays 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Course of 8 classes



Prices in AUD, GST included


Melbourne Polytechnic Building H
35 St John Street Prahran. Downstairs Theatre space

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Amy is an actor, improviser, puppeteer and an ensemble member with Impro Melbourne. As well as teaching for Impro Melbourne, she has also taught Improvisation, drama, and puppetry workshops to children and adults all around Australia, in New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Reunion Island and Europe. She has developed and directed numerous improvisational formats each of which have been performed in various cities across Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Reunion Island and the USA. (Amy is also a trained Kindergarten teacher and so she has grown eyes in the back of her head).

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