SongProv Solos

with Tim Redmond
"As a student improviser, one of the most challenging things for me was bringing a depth of emotion to the scenes I was in. I looked at several ways, but it wasn’t until I took a course on improvised singing with Impro Melbourne that I found a way past my block. A Songprov course allows you to find your own rhythm and the music gives you the right context for emotion. A sad tune, and you’ll sing a ballad. A happy tune and you’ll sing about positive things. Couple this with an easy to remember set of structures, and you’ll be soon be belting out solos, duets and ensemble numbers. You’ll be able to take that next step. And you don’t even need to know how to sing. Songprov gives you confidence, commitment and conviction. I took an Impro Melbourne Songprov course, and now I can’t stop. I even sing at work now. Help me!” Jason
This course if for those who have done SongProv with Tim before or have some musical impro experience.
New to songProv? See the SongProv for Beginners.
Songprov can give sweaty palms to even the most experienced improviser and a solo song can really raise the heart rate.  Yet solo numbers can be a joyous release if we connect to our emotions and let that inspire the words and keep the song simple.
Students will be coached in the craft of improvised solo songs, including -
  • singing from the heart and body
  • the technique of verse,chorus & bridge
  • the worth of playing from character wants and keeping it simple
  • the value and meaning in repetition and stillness
  • claiming the stage and the moment
  • supporting with group harmony

No waiting. No hedging. Go. It’s an act of boldness and trust and you can do it!

Prerequisites: Impro Melbourne's SpontaneityNarrative TechniqueCharacter and Scene Work courses.

Questions? Contact our workshop co-ordinator Katherine.

Age requirement: 18 and over. Please see our Impro in Schools programs for anyone under 18.

Workshop Details

Dates & Times

Sunday March 3, 2019
Sunday 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Single class



Prices in AUD, GST included


Loughnan Hall
67-69 Coppin St, Richmond VIC 3121

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Tim has been with Impro Melbourne since 2004. He teaches impro to discover something of meaning and delight and his classes focus on connected scene-work and the endless stories that can bubble from the simplest moment.

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