Nautical Adventures

with Patti Stiles

Enter the world of adventure, omens, haunted islands and accursed ships, Davy Jones’s locker, mermaids, sirens, Neptune and Poseidon and other Greek and Roman mythology.

Nautical adventures will focus on the great legends and lore from the sea: maritime stories of heroism, tales of great deeds, quirky superstitions, fantastic creatures, the human relationship to the sea and sea voyages and the psychological struggles of the individual in the hostile environment of the sea.

This class will be taught by Patti Stiles & Chris Gregory who will work with students to bring these stories to life through improvised storytelling and improvised set creation (snogging).

About, about, in reel and rout
The death-fires danced at night;
The water, like a witch's oils,
Burnt green, and blue and white.

The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner 

Prerequisites:Impro Melbourne'sNarrative TechniqueCharacter and Scene Work courses, or similar training at the discretion of the Artistic Director or course instructor.

Questions? contact Kate our workshop co-ordinator.

Age requirements 18 and over. Please see our Impro in Schools programs for anyone under 18.


She has an infectious enthusiasm for improvisation. Mix this with her insightful improvisation technique, strong narrative skill and her spirit of play, and it is no wonder she is responsible for inspiring many hundreds of people to improvise. Patti received her impro training first hand by the ground-breaking “impro” teacher, Keith Johnstone, at the legendary Loose Moose Theatre Company in Canada. She has worked in North and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, UAE and the Oceania region. Patti has been featured in the impro magazine Status, is a contributor to the book Art of Mistakes, was interviewed for the books Something Like A Drug and The Improv Handbook, which is dedicated to Patti in recognition of her mentorship.

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Workshop Details

Dates & Times

November 15 – December 13, 2018
Thursdays 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Course of 5 classes



Prices in AUD, GST included


Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford, VIC

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