Patti Stiles

Ensemble Cast | Teacher | Past Artistic Director | 

Joined Impro Melbourne: 2000

Skills: Actor, Improvisor, Director, Mask performer, Teacher, Playright.

Patti's website  

Performance background: 

Patti has performed on 5 continents in scripted classical and contemporary, improvisation short & long form, ensemble, duo, visual, musical and children’s. Patti is an alumnus of Loose Moose Theatre (Canada), Rapid Fire Theatre (Canada) and is a core member of the award winning “Die Nasty”.  Patti is the first woman to have completed all 53 hours of the Die Nasty Soap a Thon! The press has dubbed her “Impro Doyen” and “Queen of Improvisation.”

Teaching experience:

She has an infectious enthusiasm for improvisation. Mix this with her insightful improvisation technique, strong narrative skill and her spirit of play, and it is no wonder she is responsible for inspiring many hundreds of people to improvise. Patti received her impro training first hand by the ground -breaking "impro" teacher, Keith Johnstone, at the legendary Loose Moose Theatre Company in Canada. She has worked in North and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, UAE and the Oceania region. 

Patti has been featured in the impro magazine Status, is a contributor to the book Art of Mistakes, was interviewed for the books Something Like A Drug and The Improv Handbook (which is dedicated to Patti in recognition of her mentorship.

Student Testimonials: 

"Patti is an inspiring and highly inclusive teacher. She really saw the potential in all students. She gave helpful feedback along the way to people of all levels of skill and experience." 

"Patti's class is amazing. It is incredible how much she wants us to develop our own instincts, rather than just learn formulaic methods of scene work."

“Patti has an amazing way of seeing everything, strengths and struggles and why they are there... She also makes overcoming them seem so achievable and has a beautiful, positive warmth towards all her students.”

“Patti gave great feedback and instruction exactly when it was required, not afraid to catch us out when we didn't quite do the right thing and then showing us immediately after how we could do it better.”

“Patti had an unbelievable ability to get to the point on her feedback and hit exactly the right note on what was wrong.”

“She's Amazing. Patti's ability to know when you're gonna fail before you even know or knowing when to step in is uncanny.”

Teaching Credits

Performance Arts Schools (select list)
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (UK)
London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (UK)
The Actors Centre (UK)
The National Institute of Circus Arts (AU)
The National Theatre (AU)
Film & TV Studio (AU)
Citadel Theatre (CA)
Theatre Calgary (CA)

Improvisation Companies (select list)
Austentacious (UK)
Picnic Impro (Colombia)
Loose Moose Theatre (Canada)
Rapid Fire Theatre (Canada)
Hiedout Theatre (USA)
i Bugardini (Italy)
Teatro A Molla (Italy)
Spontaneity Shop (UK)
Closer Each Day (UK)
The Nursery (UK)
Story Kitchen (UK)
On The Fly (Italy)
Smoking Sofa (France)
Again! Productions (France)
Inspinazi (Belgium)
Steife Brise (Germany)
Improopertone (Norway)
Det Andre Teatre (Norway)
Impro Australia (Australia)
Impro Mafia (Australia)
The Court Jesters (NZ)
W.I.T. (NZ)

Improvisation Festivals (select list)
"Welcome' - Rome, Italy 2016, 2017, 2018 
Inspinazi - Leuven, Belgium 2005, 2009, 2018
Torn - Hamburg, Germany 2017
Subito - Breast, France 2017
Sintra Potugal - 2014, 2016
Wurzburg - Wurzburg, Germany 2011, 2012, 2013
Die Gorillas - Berlin, Germany 2009, 2014
Improvention - Canberra, Australia 2005-2013, 2017

Impro performance credits:

Our Play - duo with Joe Bill
Die Nasty
Gypsy Prov
Point Blank - duo with Lee White
More of Less
Theatresports - trained by Keith Johnstone
Maestro Impro - trained by Keith Johnstone
Gorilla Theatre - trained by Keith Johnstone
Lifegame - trained by Keith Johnstone
Wishing Tree
Close To You

Show (Format) credits:

Momentos De La Vida - director & creator (with inspiration from Jenny Lovell)
Secret Impro Theatre, Australia
I Bugardini, Rome italy
Milan, italy
Solento, italy
Sintra, Portugal
Picnic Improvisation, Colombia
Again! productions - Paris, France

How The West Was Improvised - director & creator
Secret Impro Theatre, Australia
Improvention, Australia
Impro Melbourne, Australia
Sintra, Portugal
Dubai, UAE
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mortal Coil - director & creator
Impro Melbourne, Australia
Wurzburg, Germany
Nuremberg, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rimini, Italy
Modena, Italy

Quotable Women - director & creator
Impro Melbourne, Australia
Calgary, Canada
London, UK
I Bugardini, Rome Italy

Lugares -Ensemble creation with Felipe Ortiz, Mike Kennard, Jim Libby, Sarah Michaelson
Wurzburg, Germany
Dubai, UAE
Bogota, Colombia

Elan Vitale - director & creator
Bogota, Colombia

The Story Thieves  - director & co-creator Chris Gregory
Melbourne, Australia

Mr. Fish & His Spooky Library of the impro Macabre -co-creator Derek Flores, Rama Nicholas, Lliam Amor
Melbourne, Australia
Canberra, Australia

Theatre credits

Much Ado About Nothing
Henry IV, Part 1
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Angel City
O’Saint Expedite
The Secret Life of Dr. Watson
Mutiny on the Bounty
They Come By Night

TV credits

Rough Cuts
Imagine That

Radio credit: Evenings with Derek Guille ABC 774

Impro motto or quote:

 “The greatest skill of an improviser is their ability to inspire their partner's imagination." - Keith Johnstone

Impro mentor: Keith Johnstone

Favourite IM show: Gorilla theatre™

Comic inspirations:  Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Lilly Tomlin, Madelin Kahn, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Gilda Radner, Betty White, Jean Stapleton, Ruth Buzzi

My little secret

I do Larry Bridges vocal exercises in the car.


Outstanding Production Theatre for TYA Winner 1993
Outstanding Improvised Comedy Show Nominee  2000
Outstanding Achievement Performance Nominee  1999
Outstanding Direction Fringe Production Nominee 1995