Natacha Muller

Rookie Company

Joined Impro Melbourne: 2018

Performer Burlb: 

Natacha has her own Impro company, The French Loop. The French Loop Provides impro  workshops and shows for children & adults in French. 

Check them out online

Impro Credits:

Gorilla theater, Ensemble Banana et châtiment
Micetro, Ensemble of Anodins, Nice French Improv Festival
Improglio, Ensemble of Anodins, Nice French Improv Festival
Improv Match,Ensemble of Anodins, Arnouville festival
Koh Lanta Show, EM improv, Strasbourg Improv Festival
LOLITA Championship, L.O.L.I.T.A
Theatre Sports, Impro Melbourne
Death comes to us all, Impro Melbourne
How the west was improvised, impro Melbourne

Theatre credit:

Ah oui, une invitation?, (writer & director) Les Anodins
Theatre forum, (writer and performer) Strasbourg University
Romeo and Juliet, W. Shakespeare, Association des jeunes de la rue
Les plantes vertes, (writer and reader) Strasbourg University

In School Performances:

  • 2012 Schoepfflin School Strasbourg “Improv at school” directed by Les anodins,
  • 2014-2018 “Eloquentia contest” at School of Management of Strasbourg, directed and created by Natacha Muller
  • May 2015 “Baroud d’honneur du rire” at House of Mimir, directed and created by Natacha Muller
  • 2014-2018 (6 shows per year) “Improv Cabaret Show” at Agora, Strasbourg, directed and created by Natacha Muller
  • January 2016 “Improv Banana Students” at Cammioneur, Strasbourg, directed by Natacha Muller and created by Banane & Châtiment
  • 2018 “Students VS Coach Natacha” at Agora, Strasbourg, directed by Benoit Gardelle and created by Natacha Muller
  • 2018 “Improv Teens Show” at College Notre Dame de Sion, directed and created by Natacha Muller
  • June 2015 Association Adele de Glaubitz, “Having a laugh” directed by Natacha Muller,
  • December 2018 “improv show” Caufield Junior School Melbourne directed by the French Loop
  • 2019 end of every term, Renown Kindergarten and Brookville Kindergarten “improv show”
  • December 2019, “Animated readings" at Caufiled Junior School Melbourne, directed by The French Loop

Improvisation Companies:

  • les Improvisateurs
  • Compagnie la grotte
  • Les anodins
  • Banane & châtiment
  • Impro Melbourne
  • The French Loop

Impro Motto or quote: “Anyone can improv” Viola Spolin

Favourite Impro Melbourne show or role: Theatresports

Comic inspirations: Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Nicolas Pinçon, Sylvain Sansom, Keiron and Michel Courtemanche.

My little secret: Before a show, I like to listen to Supertramp songs, it’s my way to focus on the show. I also like to call my mom and ask “ what’s for diner?” , It gives me thrill to think about it.

Drama & Teaching Training

  • Strasbourg University - Master Degree of Arts (drama)
  • Adults Educator, specialised in Arts - Education nationale B.A.F.A 

Teaching Experiences

  • Educator director of Primary School Schoepflin, Strasbourg
  • Director of Improv department of EM Strasbourg
  • Director of Eloquentia Contest of Polemics department of EM Strasbourg
  • Improv coach of “Improv for teens" at Banane et châtiment
  • Improv coach at Banane et châtiment
  • Improv coach at The French Loop