John Marc Desengano

Joined Impro Melbourne: 2017

Performer Blurb: I’m also a professional actor and primary school teacher. The skills I have learnt through Impro Melbourne helps me to be better at my other professions. Learning to really listen and embrace failing happily, I believe, has made me a better person. Improvising scares, excites, focuses, challenges, and pushes me all at the same time.

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Impro credits: 
Smells Like a Song – IM
Maestro – IM
Theatresports – IM
When In Rome – IM
Grand Theft Impro 2 – IM
Triple Double – IM 
Completely Improvised Shakespeare – Soothplayers, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Theatre credit:
The Yellow Wave – 15 Minutes From Anywhere
The Dead Twin - Tashmadada
The Bachelor S17E05 - B.O.T.S
Homer's Odyssey, A 12 Hour Reading - Stork Theatre 
Lockdown Monologues - The Malthouse
Elightment - Elbow Room

Film/TV credit:
Back in Very Small business - Gristmill 
Playing for Keeps S02 - Network 10

Green Room Nomination – Most Outstanding Ensemble – The Yellow Wave - 2015

Performance arts schools:
Graduate Bachelor of Arts (Acting) – University of Ballarat – Class of 2008. 
Western Edge Youth Arts - Lead Artist 
St. Martin's Youth Artist - Teaching Artist

Improvisation Companies:
Impro Melbourne
Soothplayers, Completely Improvised Shakespeare

Impro Motto or quote: “Those who say yes are rewarded by the adventures they have.” – Keith Johnstone

Impro Mentor: Rik Brown

Favourite Impro Melbourne show or role: Maestro Impro™

Comic inspirations: Tina Fey, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Homer Simpson.

My little secret: I get nervous before every show, especially impro shows. My little ritual (which is quite common for a lot of ensembles) is to go around to each cast and crew member, make some sort of physical contact (a hug, a pat on the shoulder, a handshake, etc) and say, “Got your back”. This reminds me that I’m not alone and the show is not about me.