Tim Redmond

Ensemble Cast | Teacher

Joined Impro Melbourne 2004.

Skills: Improviser, Director, Film maker, Writer, Teacher.

Performance background:

Since seeing Jaws at The Forum Theatre in 1975, a fire has been lit in Tim to create. Primary school novels followed, then teen super 8 Horror films, and now as a fully-fledged grown-up, it's improvisation that keeps the flames cracking. 

Teaching background:

Tim has been with Impro Melbourne since 2004. He teaches impro to discover something of meaning and delight and his classes focus on connected scene-work and the endless stories that can bubble from the simplest moment.

Resources: Flint Podcast

Student Testimonials:

“Tim is one of the finest impro teachers I've ever had the pleasure of studying with. His delight in class, and in the work we create is palpable, and it's contagious.”

“Tim is a pleasure to be guided by, concise constructive criticism well delivered along with eloquent encouragement.”

"Tim was fantastic!!! I've done some improv and sketch classes in New York and I'd take Tim's class over them any day."

"Tim was so knowledgeable of the craft. He was an a1 communicator and provided amazing feedback throughout."

“Tim was able to tailor messages for individuals. For me, I found his individual notes to be illuminating, and that his respect for the work and people who engage in it is tremendous.”

Teaching credits include:

Performance arts schools
CpCa - 2007

Improvisation Companies and Festivals
Impro Melbourne (2004 - present)
Improvention Festival (2010-2016) 
Hideout Theatre, Austin TX

Improvisation performance credits:

Invited guest - Impulse Festival, Toronto, Canada (2014) ,
42 Hour Marathon, Hideout Theatre, Austin Tx,
Impro Melbourne Ensemble (2005 - Present)

Show (Format) credits

Hour of the Wolf (creator & director)
Improvention, Canberra, AU

Maximum Hemingway (creator & director)
Improvention, Canberra, AU

The Sondheim Experience (creator & director)
Improvention, Canberra, AU

The League of Extraordinary Storytellers, Oracle, Chekhov Monster
Impro Melbourne

Palindrome (creator & director) 
Secret Impro Theatre, Melbourne, AU

Unwritten (creator & director) 
Secret Impro Theatre, Melbourne, AU

Versus (creator & director)
Impro Box Melbourne, AU (2013)

Theatre credit: Seminar (2015) 

TV credit: Bounce (Ch 7) Prank Patrol (ABC)

Film credit: The Disturbance of Daniels (2008)

Radio credit: Guest - Derek Guile ABC

Impro motto or quote:  "Have something to say and say it."

Impro Mentor:  Colin Mochrie 

Favourite IM show or role:  Directing in Gorilla Theatre.

Comic inspirations: Daniel Kitson 

My little secret: 

When I need a jolt of confidence, I put on my old cowdie boots.