Adam Hembree

Joined Impro Melbourne 2018

Performance Background: Adam performed in plays and musicals throughout high school, university, and in community theatre afterward. Before moving to Melbourne, Adam learned to improvise with the National Comedy Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. In Melbourne he has trained with The Improv Conspiracy, where he also performed on Harold team 'Endless Cash'. In 2015, Adam co-founded Soothplayers, producers of Completely Improvised Shakespeare and Completely Improvised Potter. He continues to work as a producer and player for the company.

Teaching Experience: Adam has taught introductory improvisation classes with The Improv Conspiracy. He also runs Improvised Shakespeare workshops in schools with Soothplayers, and regularly coaches indie improv troupes in Melbourne. By day Adam is a PhD student in English at the University of Melbourne, and has been teaching literature and writing in some form since 2010. 

Impro Motto or Quote: 'You do not have the right to use this art form to feel inferior.' - Martin de Maat

My Little Secret: I'm obsessed with the history of language and magic! You can nerd out with me about those things on my blog, Into the Words, or find me on Twitter @adamhembree.


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