"It's like fruit and veg" - 6 things I learned about impro

Jane Curtis, an Impro Melbourne student, talks about her first classes.

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Weekend Notes: Theatresports by Impro Melbourne

“I am a huge fan of improvised comedy, so it was a pleasure to see some experts at work in Theatresports, as presented by Impro Melbourne. Theatresports is the longest running improvised show in Australia, having been entertaining audiences for over 30 years.”

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Weekend Notes: Grand Theft Impro

“If you have never been to an improvisation show - you must. Every time I go I'm amazed at the skills, talents and depth of knowledge the actors have. How do they make connections to so many ideas and so quickly? From just a keyword or two they never fail to somehow turn this into comedy – it's mind-boggling.”

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Weekend Notes: Smells Like A Song!

“I loved this production: it was vibrant and suspenseful because it is a moment-by-moment experience and the actors are totally responsive to each another and their audience. That, in itself, is a recipe for total theatre engagement.”

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The Plus Ones: Impro Melbourne’s new show Maestro

“I am going to add a new affliction to the medical journals: ‘Face-ache – a condition caused when an individual laughs and smiles for such an extended period of time that their face aches.’ I got face-ache at Sunday night’s ‘Maestro Impro’™, a generous two-hour helping of improvised scenes, skits and masterly impro battles presented by Impro Melbourne.”

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The Plus Ones: Grand Theft Impro

“The Impro Melbourne crew have been delighting audiences with their antics since 1996. For 2 decades they have performed and taught nationally and internationally, including in Asia, Europe, the Americas and South Africa. They now bring to Melbourne – for the first time – ‘Grand Theft Impro’ a 55-minute rollercoaster ride of spontaneous, unscripted, short sketches.”

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