The Melbourne Observer - Kit Kat Prov Review

by Katherine Weaver on 13 April, 2022 in review, Shows

Kit Kat Improv - Review by Elizabeth Semmel

The word for the night was ticket- brought to you by a member of the audience. 

Following were various scenes created around the use of the word ticket. Plane tickets, ticket stubs, tickets to keep surveillance on the world anything this group of five could think of on the spot that had some connection with this theme.

Impro Melbourne Company led by Rik Brown have put together a fabulous cabaret-style ‘skeleton’ entitled Kit Kat: An improvised Cabaret

Perfect for the late-night, small venue, comedy festival vibe at the Town Hall. 

Each night the word is different, therefore each performance is different. 

The cast is slick, consisting of experienced, talented comedic actors.  Rik Brown the director of this show is the obvious leader, steering the various scenes ensuring the show flows, keeping it moving with the theme always in the foreground. 

The improvised songs are accompanied by the talented musician Panfred Reed

All the cast members from Impro Melbourne Company,  are as interchangeable as the nightly themes. 

Rik Brown was an obvious standout, a talented singer, actor, comedian, and writer. Some of the cast were better singers than others, all held their own well as actors, though there were some moments when they were vying for speaking time- easy to stumble when improvising. 

For those not used to this style of theatre, I am sure you will be in awe of the skills all the cast show in making up rhyme and stories on the spot. 

For those of you who are familiar with impro this is a great masterclass, and with a different theme each performance, this is a show that can be seen more than once.  

A very entertaining, funny fifty minutes. 

Until April 23 at 10.40 pm at Backstage Room, Melbourne Town Hall.


Copied from the Melbourne Observer 13/4/2022