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by Katherine Weaver on 15 April, 2022 in Reviews, Shows

Kit Kat Prov - an improvised cabaret

Kit Kat Prov
An Improvised Cabaret. Impro Melbourne. Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Melbourne Town Hall, Backstage Room. Friday and Saturday evenings, April 2022.

Seedy and dark, in an unassuming location, somewhere in the hub of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, burrowed in the secret hallways of the Melbourne Town Hall, there is Kit Kat Prov - An Improvised Cabaret  (Impro Melbourne Company), oozing with eagerness to taunt audiences with a bunch of sassy comedy in their new show.

The show’s director Rik Brown, along with his fellow performers and accompanied on piano by Panfred Reed, have no boundaries. They saunter among themselves just prior to the show, like a shaggy bunch of misfits. Their show is determined by the type of audience that graces their presence. They mutter, watching beady-eyed while we take our seats. Someone from the crowd yells out “ticket” and bang the Kit Kat gang set the show on fire - basing their skits on the broad subject of tickets - all in the game of impro cabaret.

The sketchy comic stories offer ambiguity, and some are loose cannons while others are continuing short sagas. From travels to America, to being trapped in the hall of mirrors. Those annoying parking inspectors; a sexy Suzuki swift; a nostalgic nerdy ticket collector - always fantastical places and locations and plenty of quirky twists.

There is a bit of a faux Kurt Weill influence, while inspiration is more “Fosse-esque” with woeful Americana inspired tales and lashings of devilish capers. This talented bunch of quick-witted stooges light up with impromptu story and song. Sketchy, shady, and sultry characters travel across their imaginative worlds. They are poignant in satire, silly in love songs, and demonic in demeanour and different in every show.

These guys are so damn hilarious, they are worth your every dime!

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