Super Scene: Gorilla Theatre™ Turned Up to Eleven

by Kevin Yank on 24 February, 2015 in Shows

a bookish-looking fellow in a Yankees cap and a loose-fitting jumper steeples his hands as he considers what to do next Five intrepid actors take the stage. Each in turn directs the other four in the first scene of a story. Will we see the end of each story? You decide! Each director makes a pitch, then the audience votes to eliminate one story. The remaining directors, with a sigh of relief, direct their second scene.

So goes Super Scene, my very favourite impro format, of which I am privileged to be directing Impro Melbourne’s 2015 season! For the first four Sundays in March, you get to see Super Scene, followed by Smells Like a Song – an improvised musical where you control the songs.

Super Scene is my favourite format because the stakes are so high. If you’ve seen Gorilla Theatre™ (our fan-favourite show where directors compete to win the most bananas), think of Super Scene as the “extreme sports” version of Gorilla Theatre™.

Instead of random scenes on a theme, directors must string their scenes together to tell a story. Instead of punishments drawn from a bucket, the penalty for a bad scene is instant elimination. And instead of taking home the Gorilla, the winner of Super Scene is the only one who gets to see their story through to its final scene – the super scene.

Ready to get extreme? See you on Sunday at Super Scene!