Super Scene & Smells Like A Song!


“Super Scene and Smells Like a Song is a joyous way to wrap up a weekend and exceptionally good value given the talent and the price of tickets. A show that you could see over and over again.” —Theatre Press

“It bordered on the bizarre at times due to the audience’s selections of songs, but the undeniably talented performers made it all work and delivered lots of laughable moments.” —Theatre Press

Two shows in one, creating an evening of improvised story and song!

Where & When
March 1 – 22, Sunday evenings @ 7:30 pm
The Space, 5 Carlton St., Prahan

$5.00 – early bird half price tickets (before Feb. 13, limited number per show)
$10.00 – advance booking
$12.00 – at the door

Super Scene - Watch passionate directors weave tales of imagination and intrigue, only to bid for your vote at the end of each round. They will fight to bring their story to life, but will you allow them to continue, or will you send them to their doom? Who will be the director of the Super Scene?!

Smells Like A Song! – Launch a rose towards the stage, with a cry of “Smells like a song!” Our players, with jaw-dropping obedience, burst into original song. Anything goes: a ballad, blues, rock opera, solo, duet or Broadway chorus - our musician and the moment decide the style but the players must respond to the audience’s call. And what performer doesn’t love a stage strewn with roses? Musical Director: Boris Conley (Ennio Morricone Experience, Chad Bradley).

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