Gorilla Theatre™


Throw five improvisers on a stage with a live gorilla and you get Impro Melbourne’s latest offering, Gorilla Theatre™!

The Space, 5 Carlton Street, Prahran
Sundays August 10th – September 14th
7.30pm - 9.30pm
Press Contact
Jessica Pantou
0433 676 694

Every Sunday from 7.30pm at The Space in Prahran, performers will fight for your affections to win themselves bananas!

The audience reward and penalise each improviser as they face off as directors, each determined to destroy unworthy theatre by replacing the commonplace with something electrifying, impulsive and unforgettable. They have to fight for their artistic vision an ultimately win you, the audience over! And did we mention the live gorilla can come into play at any time?

The player with the most bananas wins the ultimate prize of a weeklong romantic getaway with the gorilla. We have some of Impro Melbourne’s favourites on board to battle for the prize, including Rik Brown, Jenny Lovell, Patrick Duffy, Sarah Kinsella, Patti Stiles, Tim Redmon, Amy Moule, Chris Broadstock, Jaime Cerda, Katherine Weaver, Kevin Yank, Mark Gambino, Mike Bryant, Nick Gardiol, Roland Lewis, Vicki Kyriakakis and many other friends and special guests that may appear along the way!

A night you won’t soon forget, that will have you coming back again week after week just to see what else could happen. Join us for Gorilla Theatre™ and find out!

“Expect the unexpected and get ready to laugh.”



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