Impro Melbourne 2015 Season Announcement

by Patti Stiles on 4 February, 2015 in Shows

Impro Melbourne is delighted to announce its 2015 season, celebrating 30 years of Theatresports™ in Australia.

Yes, we’ve been entertaining Melbourne audiences that long!

This year’s line up is jam-packed with old favourites and exciting, new offerings. It’s a big year of celebration, laughter, story, song and variety. There’s something fun for everyone!

We kick off the performance year with two audience favourites from the past.

Super Scene & Smells Like A Song!

Two shows in one, creating an evening of improvised story and song!

Super Scene - Watch passionate directors weave tales of imagination and intrigue, only to bid for your vote at the end of each round. They will fight to bring their story to life but will you allow them to continue, or will you send them to their doom? Who will be the director of the Super Scene?!

Smells Like A Song – Launching a rose towards the stage with a cry of “Smells Like a Song!”, our players, with jaw-dropping obedience, burst into original song. Anything goes—a ballad, blues, rock opera, solo, duet or Broadway chorus—our musician and the moment decide the style but the players must respond to the audience’s call. And what performer doesn’t love a stage strewn with roses? Musical Director: Boris Conley (Ennio Morricone Experience, Chad Bradley)

Super Scene & Smells Like A Song!
March 1 – 22, Sunday evenings @ 7:30 pm at The Space
Tickets go on sale Feb. 9

$5.00 – Early Bird Half Price tickets available Feb. 9-13 ONLY (limited number per show)
$10.00 – Advance Booking
$12.00 – at the door

Then join us at the Melbourne Comedy Festival for…

Late Night Impro
The MICF smash hit returns with Bingo Board of Doom!

“Late Night Impro proves a feast of spontaneous wit, absurd situational comedy and general mayhem.” - The Age

Last year’s sell-out season was a laugh riot and we are ready to do it again! Random plot twists, audience suggestions and a mischievous MC create havoc for the improvisers as they strive to keep their storylines intact. Picture, if you will, a big board with 20 nerve-wracking plot twists. Now imagine numbered balls are being pulled, at random, out of the bingo barrel. Every time a ball is pulled our improvisers must immediately incorporate the corresponding plot twist into the scene. Yes, the results are occasionally random, sometimes surreal, but always hilarious.

Get your tickets early—this show will sell out!

Late Night Impro
March 27 – April 18, Friday and Saturday nights @ 11pm in The Regent Room, Melbourne Town Hall

Maestro Impro™
Only one survives!

Our directors randomly select players from a hat. These selected players must perform scenes according to the directors’ whims and wishes. After each scene they stand before you to face judgment, hoping to receive your approval with high scores but always risking possible elimination. Who will win? Who will be victorious? The power is in your hands! This impro Survivor challenge will rival any reality TV juggernaut.

May 3 - June 7, Sundays at 7:30pm @ The Space


Following in the footsteps of great duos such as Martin and Lewis, Belushi and Ackroyd, Burns and Allen, Lucy and Ethel, Thelma and Louise, Batman and Robyn, we bring you an evening of two-hander improvisation. Our fortuitous pairings rely on clever repertoire, chemistry, character and comedic timing to delight the audience.   
This show was first performed in 2012 and gave birth to the vivacious Victorian ladies of the Parlor, Flora and Tilly (Jenny Lovell and Anna Renzenbrink).

We are announcing this show with its original title but please note this will be changed.

June 14 - 28, Sundays at 7:30pm @ The Space


30 years ago, Theatresports™ came to this country and it’s still as fresh, alive, exciting and funny as it ever was! It’s a no-holds-barred cage match of improvised comedy that would make even Arnold Schwarzenegger cry. A show for the entire family, Theatresports™ sees two teams competing in improvised challenges, using audience suggestions as the inspiration for stories, characters and songs. No two shows are the same.

July 19 - Sept. 6, Sundays at 7:30pm


Mork and Mind

Impro Melbourne has joined forces with an international group of improvisation companies to raise funds and awareness for mental health. We do so in honor of the memory and contribution of a great improviser, Robin Williams.

July 21 – Venue and time TBA

Celebrity Theatresports™

By pairing Australia’s most well-known celebrities with Impro Melbourne’s finest players, moments of creative combustion give way to quantum comedy moments, sending everyone home with sore jaws and split sides. It isn’t rocket science; it’s just good laughs!

July 25, 7:30 pm @ The National Theatre

Theatresports™ Schools Competition

The next generations of Theatresports™ players take to the stage. Teams from different schools around Melbourne compete for the coveted Theatresports™ Cup.  If your school is interested, please contact our schools coordinator Jenny (

Aug. 9, time TBC

30th Anniversary Theatresports™ Show

Impro Melbourne celebrates the history of Theatresports™ in this one-off reunion show. You’ll be surprised by the list of big names who got their start in Theatresports™. We’ll bring them out of the shadows and thrust them back into the ring, but can they still improvise? Come find out!

Sept. 11 – time & venue TBC

Gorilla Theatre™
A Wild Night of Improvisation!

Throw five improvisers on a stage with a Live Gorilla and you get Gorilla Theatre™!

The audience reward and penalize each improviser as they face off as directors. Each determined to destroy unworthy theatre by replacing the commonplace with something electrifying, impulsive and unforgettable. They have to fight for their artistic vision and ultimately win you, the audience over…and did we mention the live gorilla could come into play at any time! 

Oct. 11 – Nov. 8, Sunday evenings 7:30pm @ The Space

Double Feature - Impro Show

Impro Melbourne presentings 3 improvised theatre pieces. Each night will have two different stylized pieces, showing you the diversity and hidden delights of what theatrical improvisation can offer. You won’t look at theatre the same way ever again!

Nov. 15 – 29, Sunday evenings 7:30pm @ The Space