This Term in Impro Gym: Cinemaprov

by Kevin Yank on 12 January, 2015 in Workshops

This term’s Impro Gym class will explore the language of cinema, and how it may inform our theatre. Taught by IM’s resident film buff Tim Redmond, Cinemaprov will feed your creative frenzy.

Cinemaprov: wherever movies take us…We use cinema in impro a lot. We tinker with its tropes. We role-play alternate scenarios. We do genre replays, in-the-style-ofs. We even use cinematic language in our play. “Cut to…”

But cinema offers improvisers more, much more and we can go deeper, much deeper.

Cinemaprov is an intensive term in embracing the full craft and language of cinema and applying it to our work. The jump-cuts, the Steadicam follows, the thunderous score and the use of ambient sound, the epic sweep and the quiet close-up, the delicate POV play of shape and shadow that filmmakers understand so well.

We will be going deep. We’ll study the nuance of how the great cinema scenes are constructed, and then we’ll launch into scene work and story with those lessons at hand. It’ll be uber-physical, intensely collaborative and hands on.

Can we recreate the shower scene from Psycho, or the opening ten minutes of Gravity? Well, no. But in the ambition of the attempt, we will discover a stage-language of our own to ignite stories that flame in something beyond a “Can I have a location?” universe.

Cinemaprov. Enrol now.