10 quick fire questions

by Katherine Weaver on 18 July, 2018 in Quick Questions, blog

10 quick fire questions for Rhys Auteri

Rhys Auteri of the Impro Melbourne Ensemble answers 'ten quick fire questions' by Jess Luu.


  1. 1. Ok we can start with an easy one. What’s your favorite color?

Blue or green.


2. Gimme a haiku of your week?

Time to move in now

This is so much fun isn’t it?

My cat likes furry clothes


3. What’s the impro best advice you ever received?

“Everything you need is already there”, I think Patti (Stiles) said that. Mike (Bryant) once said to me, “Get on stage and just know stuff.”

That’s a good one!

Yeah, don’t ask a lot of questions, just know stuff. Assume things.


4. What’s in your wallet? Describe to me what you have in there

Receipts, 1 yuan that Jill gave me from her trip to China. Driver’s license, public transport thing, organ donor card, bank cards, Working with Children card, Medicare, business card, Malthouse membership card, MIFF card, photo of Jill, photo of me as a child…

Aww, look at you. I think we should put this on the website!

If you really insist.  


5. You played in Maestro in the 2018 season, what was your favorite scene?

Rik (Brown) did a scene where he was describing this town and he was the last [person alive], and the zombies were starting to get him, and then he was embraced by this group of zombies. It was a lovely image. I do like scenes with theatrical imagery

I actually remember that scene, so then what’s your favorite impro format?

Maestro…I love Maestro.


6. If you had to choose between video tapes for hands or a 2 meter long tongue, which would you choose?

Video tapes for hands, because I love old movies, so I would just put the tapes in the VCR and watch things? But it’s just one show and it’s only Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

Ahh… I’ll take the long tongue.


7. Do you have any tattoos?

No, but I have a birthmark on my back


8. What are you gonna have for dinner?

I don’t know actually…

9. What do you want for dinner?

Pasta, I always want pasta. It’s delicious. I might have spaghetti.

10. And final question, name a TV series and movie you would like to recommend to people

I recently watched a TV show called The Looming Tower, and it was great. It’s like the miscommunication of the CIA and the FBI that lead to the September 11 attack. It has Jeff Bridges, who is of course just about the greatest actor in the world. It’s really amazing, haunting and insightful.

A movie that I would recommend would be The General by Buster Keaton. If you are not versed in silent films or silent comedy then The General is the place to start, because it is one of the greatest films of all time by him, and it still very modern.