Double Denim Dominates Theatresports™ Week Six

by Kevin Yank on 20 June, 2013 in Shows

Wombat holes, kitchen-utensil-based superheroes, hillbilly subtitles and Jane Austen in space (“Aust-en Space!”). This week’s Theatresports™ had it all—including a tour de force by fun-loving trio Double Denim!

Double Denim wins the sixth match of the 2013 Theatresports™ season
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“You’ve made this very, very difficult. I’m not sure what to do!” said Vic, before pushing Mike out of the passenger side door.

After hitting their stride with what may be remembered as the best “Death In A Minute” in history, Double Denim carried our sold-out audience on a unapologetically silly ride, brimming with playful charm in every single scene.

The second half of the show was live-tweeted by Impro Melbourne’s very own Rik Brown, so be sure to scroll down if you want to relive the highlights.

Here are the final scores:

  • Double Denim: 61
  • The Upper Somerton Aesthetic Society: 55
  • Super Mega Awesome Impro Based Theatre Team That Is Good: 38
  • Tie Of The Tiger: 38
  • Sky Tiger: 36

And here’s the ladder:

Hoof Hearted 3 3 0 0 9
Citizen Wayne 3 2 0 1 7
Double Denim 3 1 1 0 5
Suspenders Of Disbelief 3 0 2 1 5
The Upper Somerton Aesthetic Society 3 0 2 0 4
Middlegameatry 3 0 1 1 3
Super Mega Awesome Impro Based Theatre Team That Is Good 3 0 0 3 3
Tie Of The Tiger 3 0 0 1 1
Sky Tiger 3 0 0 0 0

* Win = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point.

This Sunday, June 23rd, a new mix of four teams hit the stage for their fourth outing:

  • Citizen Wayne: Rik Brown, Jason Geary, Karl McConnell
  • The Upper Somerton Aesthetic Society: Chris Broadstock, Jenny Lovell, Vicki Kyriakakis
  • Sky Tiger: Amy Moule, Merrilee McCoy, Josh Dore, Nick Gardiol
  • Suspenders of Disbelief: Mim Carville, Greg Lavell, Charlie Sturgeon, Emmett Nichols
  • Super Mega Awesome Impro Based Theatre Team That Is Good: Jaime Cerda, Roland Lewis, Katherine Weaver, Sarah Kinsella

And don’t forget to book your tickets for the Grand Final. It’s getting close, and seats are selling fast!