Gorilla Theatre™ … an Impro Melbourne evolution

by Kevin Yank on 27 October, 2015 in Shows

Medical grade bandage, Vaseline, a bucket of plaster powder, water, Sculpting clay, fibreglass, paint and fun fur … the tools of the trade involved in another work project for Impro Melbourne improviser, trainer and designer Patrick Duffy as he takes on the development of the latest ensemble member of Impro Melbourne.

For the current season of The Keith Johnstone format, Gorilla Theatre™, Patrick undertook the creation of the Mask used by the ensemble members to bring to life the iconic Gorilla.

A plaster cast of Patrick’s face was created by the bandages, and wet plaster was poured into this mould. Once set, this became the base on which to build the Gorilla’s head.

Using modelling clay, Patrick built up the Gorilla’s features until he’d created the desired expression. He then added layers of fine fibreglass in paper maché fashion to form the final mask. To finish he painted it and attached fur to match the rest of the costume.

This fun creative process created the mask, but it’s then the skill and personality of the Impro Melbourne Ensemble members who bring the character to the finished product.

Gorilla Theatre™ runs until November 8th at The Space in Prahran