Enrol Now for Special Guest Teacher Nadine Antler (Germany)

by Kevin Yank on 3 June, 2015 in Workshops

Registrations now open for Special guest teacher Nadine Antler (Germany) intensive weekend, June 27–28th with performance on June 28th.

We are delighted to welcome back Nadine. Nadine is a positive, supportive and engaging teacher who will share a new format called MOYO.

MOYO’s main goals are to find and share “universal stories“ and to make the gap between audience and performers disappear. In the workshop you will develop the skills to draw out the stories that are universal to us all. Most performers perform separately from the audience. Performers TAKE ideas and USE them. Those performers just do the show for the people watching. MOYO is a show that must be done WITH the audience. Each audience is different and so the performers must gain the skill to bring both groups on a mutual journey.

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