Enrol Now for Special Guest Teacher Fabio Maccioni (Italy)

by Kevin Yank on 21 June, 2015 in Workshops

Registrations now open for Special guest teacher Fabio Maccioni’s full-day workshop, Sunday July 26th 10am - 5pm.

Body Listening

Your body is beautiful. Your body is you!

The goal of this workshop is to connect body and words, proxemics and dialogue, in our improv scenes, and to be aware of the contact with the partner on stage.

To give the audience a beautiful story and to make sure that their mirror neurons (and ours!) become active.

The workshop is made by a little buffet of exercises inspired by my pysical theater and Pedagogy of the Body (especially the "Awareness through movement" of Feldenkrais Method) experience.

More awareness, more fun!

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