Celebrity Theatresports™ & Late Night Impro - NOW ON SALE!

by Mark Gambino on 24 February, 2014 in Shows

That's right, impro lovers! Tickets are now on sale for Late Night Impro and Celebrity Theatresports™. If you know what you're after, click here to choose your show and book now.

Held annually for the last 28 years, Celebrity Theatresports™ combines the show that inspired Whose Line Is It Anyway, Theatresports™, with everyone’s favourite celebrities. It’s a fun and exciting performance for the entire family, using audience suggestions to create characters and stories live, before your very eyes.

How will our celebrity guests respond in the moment, when they’re live and unscripted? Will they panic? Will they rise above the chaos and score the most points from the judges? Be there to find out! BOOK NOW!

Back for another year at The Melbourne Town Hall, this year the audience favourite, Late Night Impro, brings you the daring, the dangerous, the outright hilarious, Bingo Board of Doom!

Our fearless players create scenes and characters from audience suggestions, only to have the bingo board throw all manner of disorder at them with no warning and no second chances. OMG! The terror! The hilarity! It’s the Bingo Board of Doom! BOOK NOW!