Episode 5 - Bells, Belvedere, and Bunnycrack

by Katherine Weaver on 23 August, 2018

Belvedere Hogg, hotel tycoon and owner of the GEB, came for a visit, and soon made it clear that his stay wasn't just a holiday. He was there to bring the staff into line, swiftly making elevator operator and regular English man Philip George Birmingham his protégé.

Concierge Theodore Jones and Dr. Hans Foottee, made an agreement to share information about their respective relationships with Bathilda Buttercup the Gardner and Evelyn O'Hamblen the Gardener. But at that moment, Griff entered with a telegram for Theodore – a mysterious letter identified only as 'The DNA Results'.

Belvedere Hogg, his trusty Philip by his side, informed the staff there was to be no hanky or panky between staff members. Yvette and Tomas ruefully responded by staying at arms' length. Theodore went one step further, tearfully writing to Bathilda
to break things off.

Trixie Cornichon, tourist and soap enthusiast, arrived and soon began turning the hotel over in search of those precious rare bars of cleansing Hungarian soap, her search turning to dismay when Yvette revealed there was no soap in the hotel, after someone slipped on a bar and died.

Sweetia Zarkovsky, darling of the French cinema scene, checked into the GEB. Jacques Jones immediately recognised her, although she didn't quite recognise him without his amorous pseudonym of 'Mario'. She rebukes him for having vanished from their relationship years ago.

Hans demanded to see Theodore's DNA results, which Theodore refused to share. Hans goes on to speculate that the letter is about Theodore's supposed son. The Doctor also claimed to have invented DNA testing, which is performed by sticking bits of people in his cheeks.

Sweetia gave Griff acting lessons, and swiftly crushed his dreams by deciding her true acting inspiration for her next role should be Evelyn O'Hamblen. Yvette lambasted Sweetia for ruining Yvette's burgeoning film career so many years ago.

Speaking of Evelyn, she brings Hans' DNA-riddled cheeks back from numbness by feeding him an unusual powder. Meanwhile, Tomas feeds writer W. Marmoset Vaughan's opiate addiction. Minutes later, they were high as kites outside the hotel, with the Doctor frantically removing bunny rabbits from Vaughan's behind.
Jacques, having seen Bathilda leaving the hotel in tears, told Theodore that he's gone too far, and that the GEB can't be the only thing he loves. Ultimately, Jacques made the ultimate power play: stealing Theodore's bell.

Belvedere Hogg and Philip asked to see Yvette and Tomas, as rumours had been swirling about their engagement. Belvedere made an ultimatum, that one of them had to leave.

In a very sweet, but financially short-sighted, move Tomas and Yvette both resigned to save the other. Theodore, trying to salve Griff's woes of feeling insignificant, fired him, in order to give him a chance at another life. Trixie was the true friend, dictating a telegram to Griff (his first) that simply read

'Chin Up. This Too Shall Pass.'

But where will Griff, Tomas, and Yvette go? Who will take their place? Will Jacques give back the all-important bell? What does the DNA test reveal? What does Belvedere have planned? Find out during next week's thrilling episode!