Christian Nackovski

Alums| 2017 - 2019

Player in the Rookie company.

About Christian:

I’ve been improvising and acting for about 4 years now, and have had some of the best times of my life on stage. I was lucky enough in 2015 to perform in the Melbourne Comedy Festival as part of The Improv Conspiracy’s Tournament of Teams with a few buddies of mine. I also joined the ImproMelbourne Rookies at the start of 2017 which has been an amazing experience!

Impro motto or quote: I can’t remember where the quote comes from, but one thing that’s stuck with me through the recent times has been ‘You can do anything in a scene, you don’t have to do everything’

Impro Mentor: Tim Redmond

Favourite IM show or role: I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Pastiche shows that we did, where within the show we put on the Poe-tic Society piece. I love delving into more truthful work on stage, and that was a time I could really jump in with both feet!

Comic inspirations: The only one that comes to mind would be Bill Burr.

My little secret (something about you like ‘preparation for a show’, ‘do you get nervous’ etc)

When I arrive at the venue that we’ll be performing at, I like to take a moment to stand in the middle of the stage and just get a envision an audience in front of me. It gives me a feeling of knowing what to come, and it makes me feel a lot calmer.