Geoff Wallis

Alums | 2001 to 2014 

Ensemble Cast, director and Artistic Director (1998 – 2004)
About Geoff

Geoff Wallis’s long association with improvised theatre includes lots of “THEATRESPORTS”, the occasional “SPONTANEOUS BROADWAY” and eccentric shows such as “JAWS! THE MUSICAL”, “MURDER TO DIE FOR”, “THE LINDA BLAIR WITCH PROJECT” and “COMPLETELY LOST IN SPACE”. In addition he has frequently worked with a script and appeared in productions of “HAMLET”, “MACBETH”, “TWELFTH NIGHT”, “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING”, “SCROOGE”, “BLOOD BROTHERS”, “SWEET CHARITY”, “THE GIRLIE SHOW”, “SILVERTOP ASH”, “LOVE IS MY SIN”, “LAWYERS, DRUGS AND MONEY”, “SPINNING STRAW”, “ANGEL FALL” and “THE SUN ALSO SIZZLES”. These days he is often found paying out on bad movies in the comedy show “CINEMA FIASCO”.

How has improvisation added to your career or life?
It made me a better listener and took me to San Francisco.

What has Impro Melbourne given you?
A collection of cheap trophies for winning the Theatresports Grand Final and Celebrity Theatresports.

Can you share a favourite Impro Melbourne moment, either onstage or off?
Creating “DEAD TRAGIC” in 2004.

Any words of advice for improvisors?
Accept offers, be changed by what is said to you and turn up on time for rehearsal.