I am a better actor because of Impro!

John Marc Desengano talks about how Improvisation has made them a better actor.

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How online impro changed my life

Online impro has normalised a new form of accessible impro that is great not just for me, but for people with a variety of access needs – such as those who require mobility aids, sound amplification or support workers, who may have faced obstacles engaging previously.

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5 impro games you can play by yourself

So, living up to the bachelor name, here are my 5 favourite impro games to play by myself (because sometimes you have no one else to play with).

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Play it Like a Playwright

Tim Redmond writes about the course & performance of 'Play it like a Playwright'

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This brand-new workshop will allow you to continue to build on impro skills and let loose in a safe and playful environment.

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Self Impro vement

Self Impro vement - Impro: making me and the world better. I've been learning impro for 10 months and I'm in love with it - not only because it's wildly fun (it is), but because impro is helping me become the person I want to be in the world. Impro teaches me to be kind to myself, to really listen to my own and others' needs, to be curious about what could come next and brave enough to let it change my mind and touch my heart.

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Why I love teaching Spontaneity

5 good reasons from Brenna Dixon

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An Evening with Joe Bill and Gary Schwartz

After the exhilaration that was Improvention 2016, Melbourne performers could have been forgiven for rugging up and returning to regular life for a week or two. Instead, we were thrilled to welcome a number of Improvention guests who travelled south to see more of the country and share their knowledge and skills with improvisors who couldn’t make it to Canberra

Among our guests were two - Joe Bill and Gary Schwartz - whose own teachers (Del Close and Viola Spolin, respectively) were influential in modern improvisation.

Having two students of these improvisation greats in the same place at the same time was too good an opportunity to miss. A room was booked, the Facebook event created, and on July 13, 2016, a delightful, informal evening of stories was shared. Hosted by Patti Stiles (herself a student of Keith Johnstone), Gary and Joe shared their personal experiences learning from and spending time with Viola and Del. From their class time idiosyncrasies to their bigger inspirations, the insights Gary and Joe shared and the questions they answered opened a small window into the worlds that Viola and Del inhabited, created, and taught in.

Impro Melbourne is excited to share this recording of Joe and Gary’s stories and experiences studying and working with Del Close and Viola Spolin.

Here is the link: An Evening with Joe Bill and Gary Schwatrz


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Our 2017 Performance Series workshop lineup is here !

And what a year it's going to be...

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Montreal Improv Founding Director Vinny Francois is coming to town.

Not one, but TWO workshops now open to book with this incredible professional improvisor & teacher, website creator, blog editor, Canada's largest scavenger hunt-organiser and lover of fireplaces, cakes and high-fives.

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