Nothing Toulouse Chapter Six

by Jim Fishwick on 7 August, 2019 in blog, Shows

Henri La Trebuchet (Jason Geary) is back from a sojourn to Bordeaux, where he met Charles, a delightful Nigerian prince in need of a small loan. Needless to say, Henri is now penniless, and his friend Frankston Pierre (John Voce) offers to help him out.

Raven (Rama Nicholas) breaks into the caravan occupied by a sleeping Bellafonte Andolini (Tim Redmond). And she knows he’s been sleeping. Sleeping around, that is, behind her back. She also knows he hurt the dancer Callie (Mady Carter), who has been recovering back at Raven’s camp. Bellafonte asks for a curse to heal Callie. Raven says it will come at a price – either from Callie’s future or Bellafonte’s present.

Speaking of the Dancers, they’re rehearsing at Le Chat Rouge with choreographer Remy La Beau (Adam McKenzie) when he notices that two of their number are missing. They inform him that Callie and Valentin the Boneless (Adam Hembree) have been injured, and he plans a rescue to get them back! Remy and the dancers break into the camp, pick up Valentin and Callie, and get them to Le Chat Rouge. Not that they were in any danger, in fact they were recovering quite well. There’s two sides to every story, y’know?

Newlyweds Madame Pamplemouse (Katherine Weaver) and Magnus Damgaard (Mike Bryant) are moving in together. It’s proving an imperfect match, as Magnus is significantly messier than his new wife, and she faints! Magnus assumed that Poseidon must be angry with him for forsaking the sea.

Madame De Beaujolais (Jenny Lovell) is trying to raise some money by selling the portrait that Henri painted of her for 5000 Francs to Frankston. He reveals to her that Henri has given away all of his art to the scammer Charles. Mme De Beaujolais reveals she knows Frankston’s true identity: Monsieur Le Duc.

Clair De Lune (Amy Moule) is in her room, when she receives a visit from Raven. The first time they met, Raven was pushing Clair to be a fiercer, bolder writer. But this time Raven is the one looking for advice, advice on how to be a Lady, to impress her daughter. Clair tells her to be soft, to slow down, to be like a croissant fresh out of the oven.

Gustave Eiffel (Rik Brown) and Eloise Andolini (Brenna Dixon) are on a double date with Mme Pamplemouse and Magnus Damgaard. Magnus chokes on his drink, which he takes as further proof Poseidon is angry at him. Mme Pamplemouse offers to throw herself into the sea as a sacrifice to Poseidon. But before she can follow through, we hear Henri cry out in agony!

Raven, in the guise of Lady Ravencroft, meets Bellafonte, Remy, Frankston and Monsieur Yoplait (Jaime Cerda) in the street. None of them recognise her as Raven, except her ex-husband Bellafonte, of course.

Henri tells us about his pain: with just a tennis racquet, a potato, and some boiling duck fat, he has created a new delicacy, which he calles Pommes Frite. He also burned his hands terribly in the process.

Eiffel and Eloise are out for a stroll. Clair sees them, and also sees her opportunity. Rock in hand, she pelts Eiffel, aiming to kill. But Eloise get caught in the crossfire! She lays into Clair, not only for throwing rocks and injuring her beloved, but for being a liar. Eloise threatens to hurt her if she ever sees Clair again.

Also facing the heat is Bellafonte. As payment for her help in covering up Callie’s injuries, Mme de Beaujolais wants him to use force to make Henri pay his debts to her.

While Bellafonte is busy, Remy and Lady Ravencroft have continued their discussions at the bar. Remy is certainly attempting to put on the moves. Lady Ravencroft is attempting to move away.

Henri paints a wedding portrait of Mme Pamplemouse and Magnus, as a way to make money. And just as Magnus says that he would like to start a family with his beloved patissiere, she reveals that she has a bun in the oven!

Bellafonte runs into Monsieur Yoplait in the street, and tells him about the hitjob on Henri he’s been assigned. Far from being outraged, Yoplait seems on board with the plan, and gives Bellafonte tips on how to get away with it.

While Gustave and Eloise are recovering from Clair’s attack, she brings up that she saw him shaking with none other than Valentin’s purported assailant, Monsieur Yoplait! He claims the case against Yoplait isn’t true, but she presses him on it. If he loves her, he’ll believe her that Yoplait is the attacker. Eiffel promises to look into it.

Frankston stops by Henri’s studio for a quick snack to try the Pommes Frites, and reveal his secret identity. He is a psychologist with the Deuxième Bureau, the French secret police. The con artist Charles has been caught, but has destroyed all of Henri’s paintings. The only one of Henri’s paintings left is at the Chat Rouge. If there isn’t any proof that Henri sold it to Mme De Beaujolais, he could well make a case that it belongs to him…

Bellafonte walks in on Remy, who is halfway through reciting a love poem to Lady Ravencroft. She reveals her true identity, and also the fact that she was about to kill Remy for his terrible poetry. He laughs her off. Who would kill Remy La Beau?

Valentin is in bed, when in sneaks Monsieur Yoplait, who threatens him once again. “You are sick, Yoplait.” “And you are dying.” Yoplait begins to torture him. “I’m Valentin the Boneless,” laughs Valentin the Boneless, “I haven’t any bones left to break!” “In that case,” says Monsieur Yoplait, gripping Valentin’s head, “I’ll break your soul.”

Callie has escaped, and runs into the arms of Mme De Beaujolais, telling her all about Yoplait’s break-in. Bellafonte and Remy run upstairs, catching Yoplait in the middle of a murder. Yoplait locks the door and advances on them. That’s who would kill Remy La Beau.

Will Remy and Bellafonte survive? Will Eiffel bring Yoplait to justice or betray his love? Will Mme Beaujolais recover what is owed to her? Will Henri get his painting back? Will Clair mend her heart? Find out in the gripping conclusion!