Episode Seven – Baritones, Babies, and the Black Moon Monster

by Jim Fishwick on 5 September, 2018

The Hotel was blessed this week by the arrival of acclaimed Viennese operatic sensation Johann Liszt (yes, grandson of the other Liszt). Although he was hoping for rest and recuperation for his vocal cords, he was quickly introduced to the charms of socialite Lydia Windsor.

Meanwhile, The Countess followed up on her promise of a large Pomeranian diamond for Theodore, but also offered a small diamond to Doctor Foottee. Doctor Foottee needed all the help he could get with his newborn baby, even going so far as to ask Evelyn Bridget Brida O’Hamblen for help expressing himself. She was more than happy to comply.

The Countess discovered that deputy assistant telegram boy Griff, supposedly fired from the hotel, had been hiding in her closet for weeks. He revealed his twin desires: to be liked, and to one day own the hotel. Is that so much to ask?

Lydia took Yvette shopping for wedding dresses. The white gown was paid for with blackmail, however, after Yvette revealed she knew about the gold hidden underneath Lydia’s mattress.

Jacques announced to the staff that after a long, fruitful career (read: three days) running the hotel, he would be resigning. He speculated to Theodore that following Belvedere’s death, Theodore would likely inherit the hotel, the sale of which could fund a lifetime of travel.

Doctor Foottee, keen to be free of his newfound parental responsibility, left the baby on the lobby counter, alongside his diamond to fund her education. Griff, wandering past, helpfully pocketed the diamond. You can’t trust a baby with a diamond.

Evelyn fed Theodore absinthe instead of his usual medicine, a costly mistake as he swiftly turned into a creature known only as the Black Moon Monster.

Johann went to the Doctor to get his vocal cords inspected. Receiving a clean bill of health, he resolved to use his magical High C to woo his new love: Lydia. She was, at the time, a little preoccupied, being chased across the hotel by The Black Moon Monster Theodore.

In the lift, Yvette made Countess swear that she wouldn’t be upset by anything she said, before revealing murdered Hogg. Before the Countess could reply, Yvette ran away. The Countess decided not to punish Yvette, but instead to search for the baby she gave away when she was young.

Doctor Foottee’s baby, on the other hand, was found by Jacques, and she was quick to call him ‘dadda’. At that moment, Evelyn pulled the Black Moon Monster alarm, and the hotel staff ran to battle stations to calm Theodore down. Things got hairy as he grabbed the baby from Jacques, before being seduced by the diamond that fell out of his pocket, helpfully picked up by Griff. Ashamed of his actions, Theodore took the baby and leaves the hotel.

Lydia, crying in her room after an awful day, heard the plaintiff High C of Johann Liszt. He told her she was perfect, and didn’t belong in a hotel of such nightmares. The two run away together.

As Yvette reflected on the day and vowed to leave the hotel again, Theodore arrived at an orphanage to drop the baby off. His nurturing instincts got the better of him though, and he kept the baby with him as he set off to explore South America.


Griff checked into the hotel for the first time, unsure of how to use his newfound wealth. It clearly attracted the attention of new concierge Jacques Jones, who made out with him on the spot. It was just that morning that Griff came out of the closet, after all.