Episode one | A hunting we will go!

by Patti Stiles on 26 July, 2018 in blog

Hotel Security Eleanor Prigg had her hands full with the devilishly handsome playboy Jaque Jones who has fallen for her.  Once released for her duties, at 10pm, she embraces Jaque to learn of his secret and inexperience in the ways of romance. It is good that Cook O’Hamblen arrives to help with a ménage a trios.  Is this the beginning of something beautiful or is Jaque at risk of having his heart broken?

Cook Evelyn Brida Bridget O’Hamblen needed that release, as earlier in the night she had been hunting rabbit for the evening meal.  She uses her technique of general noise confusion akin to interpretive throat singing.  It works to lure rabbits but she misjudged them as they took her gun turning it on her. It was a close escape from the furry fiends.

Famed Lawyer, joke teller and storyteller Monty St. Claire checks into the hotel.  He kept everyone in stitches with his hilariousness, everyone except the Countess with whom he has business. 

Silent film star now maid Yvette Odette could not keep her mouth shut, speaking up for Bartender Tomas resulted in her being fired by Theadore.  But this is not the first train track she has been tied to and escaped from.  She enlists the support of The Countess who takes Theadore to task. 

But why is Yvette defending Tomas, the singing Bartender, is there love in the air?

Speaking of love, The Countess is clearly enraptured with her tiny, tiny, tiny Pomeranian purse pooch who has already escaped once.  Luckily tiny teddy is back in her handbag safe and sound.  It was so thoughtful for the Dr. to gift her with such kindness and he was gifted in return with a very valuable bracelet.

Why the Dr. handed this to Security Chief Prigg with a framing fib about finding it in Theadore’s possession one will never know.

Until next week….