Ten quick fire questions

by Jessica Luu on 19 June, 2018 in blog

Welcome to our new monthly meet & greet of Impro Melbourne's performers. 

Meet Jessica Luu who will be asking our performers 'ten quick fire questions' each month.
For this month, her first guest is herself!

Hi Jess, what were you in the middle of before answering these questions?

Watching the handmaid’s tale… something a bit relaxing before bed  :/

What’s your favourite meal?

I just really love the sushi train experience, so sushi train…

Can you write me a haiku about your week?

Cold dry days

Very Busy nights 

Peaceful sleep

What's in your handbag right now?

Umbrella, wallet, coin purse, keys, Portable battery, phone charger, earphones x2, Panadol, mint, hair clips, hand sanitizer, pens, work pass, glasses case, whale pencil case, note pad, brush, plastic fork 

What was the last dream you remember?

A few days ago I dreamt about being able to cross dimensions in someone’s backyard, we were hiding in the other dimension while cops were looking for us.

What podcast are you listening RIGHT now? 

The Best show with Tom Sharpling

Best Impro moment you were in?

Being in Smells like a Song and getting to sing and impro at the same time  :D

Best Impro Advice you received?

Don’t try to be funny 

What is your favorite piece of clothing this season?

I really like my Fingerless Crocheted mittens, warm and fingers free to play with my phone

What's one of your favorite comedy YouTube clip?

Well it’s more of a sketch that I watch on you tube, I really like the Key and Peele sketch where they keep misinterpreting each other’s text messages. I love it!