Weekend Notes: impro LightboX

by Patti Stiles on 7 March, 2018 in reviews

Weekend Notes

impro LightboX

by Jeni Wilson

International Award Winning Show

Don't go expecting ordinary impro. The winner of JURY'S TROPHY for poetry, commitment and harmony - Impronale Festival 2016 – Halle, Germany, Impro LightboX has a new take on Impro which is inspired by light and sound. Like other forms of Improv, you never know what's going to happen.

For the uninitiated to impro... this style of performance is generally based on the audience suggestions. It is unscripted and absolutely anything can happen. Amazingly everything is made up the spot – the stories, the songs and dancing. In this show, there's no need to worry about awkward audience participation.

Impro Melbourne challenges and diversifies improvisational theatre. Impro LightboX is the award-winning latest creation from Franck BuzZ, Artistic Director of SUBITO. Franck will direct and perform with the Impro Melbourne Ensemble in this new style of European show that stimulates the imaginations of the actors through unique lighting and sound atmospheres

Images heighten the actor's imagination and the actors create relationships between the

characters. You will be sure it's rehearsed because the performances are seamless. The skits are poetic, tragic, comedic, abstract, thoughtful, raunchy, provoking and original.

The cast includes Patti Stiles, Rik Brown, Jenny Lovell, Tim Redmond, Jaime Cerda, Brenna Dixon, Jak Vukasinovic, Kevin Yank, Nigel Sutton and Katherine Weaver. These are incredibly talented people with quick wits and staggering imaginations.

At times the theatre was absolute silence and at others (many times) the audience was laughing wildly and loudly. You could tell the audience around us was thoroughly enjoying it.

The skits were a mixture of comedy, monologue, mime and serious melodrama. There are many no-offensive sexual references. I loved the way they built on previous storylines. I also enjoyed the music - it was at times compelling and took me to another place.

For those who appreciate something different but be prepared ... anything can happen in the hilarious Impro LightboX! Even if you can't imagine it, it could happen.