Maestro™ Week Four: Well This Is Awkward…

by Kevin Yank on 15 March, 2013 in Shows

Last week’s Maestro™ winner was … huh, this can’t be right. Oh yeah, I remember now. It was me!

Kevin Yank, the Maestro™ winner for the week, is surrounded by his fellow players
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Well, rather than dwelling on my own performance in last week’s show (it was stellar, obviously), let me give you a sneak peek at the cast for this week, March 17th:

  • Patti Stiles
  • Merrilee Afton McCoy
  • Sarah Kinsella
  • Caitlin Yolland
  • Jimmy James Eaton
  • Jason Geary
  • Rik Brown
  • Katherine Weaver
  • Anna Renzenbrink
  • Tim Redmond
  • Roland Lewis
  • Mike Bryant
  • Emilie Collyer
  • Lliam Amor

Now that’s an amazing cast. Every single one of them stands a chance of being crowned Maestro™ (because I’m not in the show, obviously).

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