Why I love teaching Spontaneity

by Jenny Lovell on 15 January, 2018 in workshops

Spontaneity was my one of my favourite Impro Melbourne classes to take and it now gives me so much pleasure to teach it for others!    

1. ‘Happy Failure’ - Spontaneity is all about re-discovering play and embracing our mistakes. We push ourselves to jump in and have fun, all with a spirit of ‘Happy Failure’. That’s the best part for me, because by practicing joyfully accepting mistakes when we improvise, we start to joyfully accept mistakes in other areas of our lives and have more fun! Teaching this concept always reminds me to fail happily in my own life.

2. Meeting wonderful people - Anyone can learn to improvise, so I get to meet amazing people that I would never have otherwise been given the opportunity.

3. Trying new exercises - Just as each improviser is different, each Spontaneity group is different. Exercises that unlock and engage one group, might challenge another. It’s an exciting challenge learn with your group what will light them up!

4. Weekly dose of laughter - Each class is filled with it’s fair share of play and laughter. Teaching Spontaneity is always a highlight of my week.

5. Group bond - From the first to the last class you get to see just how much students have grown, not just as individuals but as a group. Over time we develop a space of trust and play, so we can have fun and challenge ourselves to be spontaneous without fear of judgement from the rest of the group. It’s always sad to say goodbye to everyone on the last week, but there’s always more impro to be had!

BOOK A SPONTANEITY COURSE: Starting Jan 30th and 31st, 2018: Tuesday (with Brenna) and Wednesday (with Amy)