Let there be Light

by Jenny Lovell on 23 November, 2017
Think, for a moment,  about all the lights in your life.
The large, the small, the mobile, the set. 
The fluorescent light in the kitchen at 2am, the traffic light that stops you, the M.C.G. lights that attract the bugs and then the gulls for a feast.  There's the  porch  light we leave on for loved ones; (it used to be a  candle in the window); the torchlight when the fuse blows; the circles of lights on trains that arrange to letters to tell us what the next stop is.
There's the sunlight, that Australian sun that so shocked the early colonial painters and used to be the source of a childhood rite of passage, the massive sunburn.  That same light turns soft and we call it sunset and stand gap-jawed as it slips away. There's the light of the deep-sea angler-fish that attracts unwitting meals to the mouth it hovers above. The light of the petrol station, a light-saber toy, a crack in the door, the shadow of a tree on a window,  a brake-light on a Datsun, railway-crossing flashing lights and of course, there’s the ubiquitous light of our phone screens. 
Light is so everywhere that we barely notice it. 
But now, with LightboX, Franck BuzZ's intriguing format that employs lighting design to inspire spontaneous theatre, we'll be forced to notice it. Not just notice it, but reckon with it. Take stock of how its very shape and hue, luminousity and length impacts on us all, coaxing untold stories forward and inviting them to dance a while. 
As actors we crave the light. Theatres are hung black to heighten it. With LightboX we're stepping into something beyond the rudimentary light of the seen. Where light ends is as dramatic as where it lands.  We’re stepping into our own mythologies perhaps. You’ll have to excuse the lyricism here, light has that effect.
With LightboX we’re going deep and I’m giddy with excitement.
What’s that old tomb say?
Let there be light.           INDEED.
TWO SHOWS ONLY:  Saturday Nov 25th and Sunday Nov 26th: 7.30pm David Williamson Theatre.