Montreal Improv Founding Director Vinny Francois is coming to town.

If pictures speak louder than words, then videos must give you the whole picture without being 2cm away from their face, right? So here is Vinny talking about his love of impro and why he loves teaching so much:

Say Media Passions | Improv Theatre from Say Media on Vimeo.

Check out his awesome improv suggestion website to get those creative juices flowing (we love "castaway/coconut" as a relationship and "sinkhole" as a location!)

More info on Vinny and his genuis here.

Workshop details below. Both on the same day so book one or both now - we can't promise he'll come back all the way from Montreal!


Ever find yourself wondering: “What the heck is happening in this scene?”

"One Weirdo - Two Weirdos" explores the idea that scenes can often be broken down into one of two categories: One Weirdo or Two Weirdos. You will learn to listen carefully so you can identify and build your scenes from a strong position. Through this concept, Vinny will enable you to develop an instinctive awareness of exactly what the heck is happening in your scene and what you can do in either case of one or two weirdos. 

Open to all levels of experience
Date: Saturday March 11th
Time: 10am - 1pm (3 hrs)
Fee: $50
Venue: The Stables, 19 Duke Street, Richmond



So many decisions are made right off the top of an improv scene and you might not even be aware of it.

Offers can fly right by if you aren’t paying attention. Or maybe you’re making offers you aren’t even aware of! So much can be established in the first twenty seconds of a scene that it’s worth taking some time to drill down to the details that go beyond who/what/where.

This workshop teaches students to pay attention with all their senses and to bring unconscious choices to their conscious attention so that their improv can be done with intent and craft.

We will cover:

  • The subtle physical and emotional offers that are easily missed,
  • How to pay attention off the top of the scene,
  • How to build detail on top of detail so that the scene flows organically and fluidly.
  • Students will also perform an exercise called The Scene-Start Blow-Up.

Date: Saturday March 11th
Time: 2pm - 5pm (3 hrs)
Fees: $50
Venue: The Stables, 19 Duke Street, Richmond.

*Intermediate level of Improvisation required*