The Reviews are in!

Impro Melbourne is currently performing 3 different improvisation shows:

Grand Theft Impro, Smells Like A Song & Theatresports™

Recently all three shows have received great reviews.  Here are some snippets of the reviews and links to read the full review below. Don't miss out - only three weeks left of all shows!


Grand Theft Impro - Saturday Nights 8pm till Nov. 12 Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne

“How do they make connections to so many ideas and so quickly? From just a keyword or two they never fail to somehow turn this into comedy – it's mind-boggling. “ 

“Grand Theft Impro is a dynamic, never the same twice, 50 minutes of stories, scenes, songs and comedy. The improvisers develop sometimes-controversial storylines and songs using 10 random titles posed by the audience. Because of the nature of their acts, they can't rehearse and don't have time to plan together. It's all off the cuff genius delivered with contagious enthusiasm.”

“Gee, they were good and boy did we laugh. At one stage I realised the actors were shouting to be heard over the laughter and later I realised I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take photos!”

Full review here



Smells Like A Song - Saturday Nights 9:30pm till Nov. 12 Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne

“I loved this production: it was vibrant and suspenseful because it is a moment-by-moment experience and the actors are totally responsive to each another and their audience. That, in itself, is a recipe for total theatre engagement.”

“Smells like a Song is an exciting theatre experience. The fun lies in active and creative story-telling with musical surprise and humour. This is a grassroots and truly 'live' performing-arts genre, based on consequences of action and reaction as well as ad-lib character interplay. Smells like a Song turns the audience from a 'witness' to a 'participant', which in turn changes the relationship between an audience and the show's performers. Just as actors relate and work-off each other- audience members connect with each other too: there are many layers to this interactive experience. Smells like a Song,' as the name suggests, is based on sensory immediacy and real-time theatre.” 

Full review here


Theatresports™  - Sunday Nights 7:30pm till Nov. 20 @  David Williamson Theatre, Prahan

“Over the two hours of the show, we saw a number of teams perform - singing, dancing and acting - and saw a depth of talent and a wealth of sharp comedic wit. There were many laugh out loud moments during the performance, to the point of tear-inducing hilarity. It really is laugh-a-minute, unpredictable, unexpected entertainment.”

“Don't miss out on this five star entertainment! Highly recommended, and great value too.”

Full review here