Special workshop announced with international instructor Gary Schwartz!

by Kevin Yank on 22 June, 2016 in Workshops

Workshop title:
Space, the Final Frontier
July 12
Gary Schwartz
Loughnan Hall
57-65 Coppin Street
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Workshop level:
intermediate to experienced improvisors with performance experience

Workshop description

Viola Spolin’s theory of Space and Space objects is not a trivial subject. The incomparable Dick Schaal, the undisputed master of Spolin’s Spacework said “Space is the geographical location of creativity.”

We’ll explore in depth the ability to see and use Space or what Spolin called making the invisible, visible.

Gary has a lot of exercises to explore Space and give everyone the idea that space can be your best partner, “for if you make Space look good, you’ll look good.”

Gary Schwartz

Multi-talented, award-winning actor/director/writer and successful entrepreneur with more than 40 years’ experience teaching acting to beginners and fellow professionals in all age groups, Schwartz has worked with an estimated 1000+ students throughout his career.

Protégé of Viola Spolin and Director of Intuitive Learning Systems, which promotes the legendary Spolin approach to improv. Two-time winner on America’s Funniest People. Founder of Valley Center Stage (formerly The Unity Theater) in North Bend, WA. Credits include voice-overs for more than 600 films and TV shows. Member of SAG/AFTRA and Council Member of the Screen Actors Guild, Seattle chapter for five years.