Special Workshop June 19th: Proximity & Pulsing (Amy Shostak)

by Kate Bayley on 14 June, 2016 in Workshops

Update: This workshop has been moved from its original date of 26 June and will now run on Sunday, 19 June at a new venue. See below for details.

How do our bodies in space tell a story? How can we challenge traditional approaches to scenework by using tools like pulse editing, mirroring, and overlapping scenes to take us somewhere we never expected? Using two long form structures as inspiration: Cat's Cradle (created by Charna Halpern) and Double Exposure, Amy Shostak will challenge you to find the stories in the images that are already there.

Workshop Details

Date & Time
19 Jun 2016, 10.00am–4.30pm
The Stables
19 Duke Street, Richmond
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Workshop suitable for intermediate to experienced improvisors with performance experience.

Workshop note: please wear movement clothes you are comfortable rolling around in.

Amy Shostak

Amy is an improvisor and creator from Edmonton, Canada. She started improvising with Rapid Fire Theatre in 2002, and she served as the company's Artistic Director for six years. Amy performs regularly in Theatresports™, Maestro™, and CHiMPROV (Rapid Fire’s weekly long form show), as well as guesting with other companies around the globe. In 2015, she was honoured with an Excellence in Artistic Direction Award from the Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts in Edmonton. Since stepping back as Artistic Director, Amy now spends her time between Edmonton and Vancouver.

Improv has taken Amy many places. She is so pleased to have been able to perform at Monkeyfest in Bogota, The Vancouver International Improv Festival (ViiF), The Lost in Translation Festival in Milan, The Wurzburger Impro Festival.

In addition to improvising, Amy plays Rebecca on Superchannel’s TV show Tiny Plastic Men, and has appeared on CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show. She enjoys heavy metal and napping.