Grand Theft Impro – A Player’s Perspective

by Tim Redmond on 14 April, 2016 in Shows

Existentialist duels between moonshiners, a father instructing his daughter on the legacy of piano accordion salesmanship and “do not knock” signs, and a dystopic interpretation of a Chekhov masterpiece, such was the tale of show 4 of Grand Theft Impro.

Cast Patti Stiles, Amy Moule, Rik Brown, Tim Redmond and musician Gordon Dorin were joined by forces of nature Derek Flores and Rama Nicholas to attempt these ten audience titles:

  • Everyone loves crayons
  • She's my teacher and she's awesome
  • The electronic seagull
  • Attack of the killer olive
  • Moonshine mansion
  • The piano accordion soldier
  • The stationary crisis
  • I love the Dentist
  • Speed dating elves
  • What's that smell?

They made it through 8 of the 10, with paradoxical palindromic monologues on olives, Somme trench sing-songs, sexy sexy dentist times, stolen pens from despot’s cupboards, and wandering naked wizards, but we will never indeed know how elves speed date or what that smell was.

But the bonus redemptive Rama Nicholas love song to a monster (Flores or course) received a final ‘thumbs up’ and a boisterous audience went home well voiced.

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